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To do this you can perform ANY of the following:.

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In OS X Mavericks, Hold down the Control key whilst pressing the power button to bring up this menu to quickly choose one of these options. To disable the power button sleep feature, read this blog. Or, like me, you have a mischievous colleague who you cannot trust with your Mac if you walk away and leave yourself logged in!

If you would like to learn more about OS X or just the Mac in general, then take a look at our collection of introductory training courses.

We also have a large collection of Mac training and support training courses which you may also find useful. V by booking online with us? Disclaimer:While the author has taken care to provide our readers with accurate information, please use your discretion before acting upon information based on the blog post. This feature has been tested using OS X v I have always used the keychain menubar icon to lock the screen.

Why use multiple users

In a lab this is a pain for people because the screen is dark and if someone temporarily left and stayed logged in another user sits down and wakes the screen and someone is logged in so they move to another and the same thing. With the screensaver active when its locked you can see that someone is logged in then visually and not pick that computer then.

I have a custom screensaver made that slowly flashes the username of who is logged in and our school logo flying around that was built with Quartz Composer.

Anyway, I finally found a way to get the screensaver to kick back in instead of sleeping the screen! I think a bug report response is how I found out about it or Apple seed. But here is the command to force the screen saver on when locking the screen using the Keychain lock instead of sleeping the screen.


Fast User Switching not working Lion GM

My icon appears everywhere else, except where it should be all the time at the menu bar. Any thoughts on this? The menu bar for fast user switching is designed to show the generic user silhouette and not your custom user icons. Sometimes I seem to expect too much from my system.

macos - How to disable the animation when activating fast user switching in OS X Lion? - Super User

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OSX: Fast User Switching

Posted in OS X Lion. Tags: account name , desktop , display name , don't show , fast user switching , hide , menu bar , menubar , name , task bar , tool bar , toolbar , top , user name , window. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Skip to navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to secondary sidebar Skip to footer. Posted: 10th May, If you have multiple accounts on your mac, you may sometimes wish to log out one or more of those accounts without actually having to sign in to them first via the fast user switching menu.

Why every Mac owner should use Fast User Switching

In the filter bar, type loginwindow. Your unwanted users are now logged out! Like this: Like Loading Click the padlock at the bottom and enter your Admin password. Search the site: Search for:. If this site has helped you, please consider making a small "buy me a coffee" donation!

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