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I changed my password and now get an error message when I try to use Connection Safe. I've lost my equinux ID or my password! Can I undo Remote Connection Wipe?

Can you guarantee that VPN Tracker will work in my network? I want to manage the renewal settings for my VPN Tracker plan. How does this work? How do I take a screenshot on the Mac? Does VPN Tracker support 2-factor authentication? How do I completely purge and delete that connection data from the Connection Safe? How does Connection Safe deal with data conflicts? If I have entered my settings in the demo version, will I keep them when I activate my license?

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What would I need Remote Connection Wipe for? Why does VPN Tracker tell me, the application is corrupt and needs to be re-installed? What is a "Peer Hangup" error? Why do I have to submit my email address to download software? How do I add an app into my Applications folder? I'm a registered reseller. Where can I manage my VPN accounts? What plan do I need for Remote Connection Wipe?

Why does VPN Tracker say my local network is the same as the remote network? I am certain it is not! How secure is Remote connection Wipe? What happens if your servers are blocked? Which Mac VPN client is the most reliable? I'm a reseller. Will all of my previous connections and settings be migrated when I upgrade? What should I do? What forms of payment do you accept? How does the order process work?

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  8. How do renewals of my VPN Tracker plans work? Accounting: Accessing backups. Is the equinux Online Store secure?

    Find the Hash Key on a Mac

    How can I update my credit card details? Using VPN Tracker in teams. How can I assign my license to another team member? Is support included with VPN Tracker? My connection safe has a download error, how can I fix it? How to renew your VPN Tracker plan Is there a difference between the software you sell on your website and the version on the Mac App Store? Will I get a partial refund if I decide I want to opt out of my subscription?

    How can I update the address in my equinux ID? My credit card payment was denied? Your browser currently doesn't support JavaScript! Please activate Javascript in the settings of the browser. Please select your product Most wanted. What is an Activation Code, what do I need it for and where can I find it? What do I need to know before I use Unsplash photos? Send us a message. Check out our Mail Designer Tutorial Videos. If you have any idea or request for next product versions - or just want to add your two cents, please enter your request here.

    Please do not use this form for submitting your support inquiries or questions you will need any quick reply. Thank you! Your name. Your email address. I hereby acknowledge that this web form is only provided for non-binding inquiries and to obtain information. It can not be used for legal electronic communication with equinux AG or its subsidiary companies.

    This also applies to familiar email addresses of equinux AG and its subsidiary companies. I agree with the storage of my data according to the privacy policy. This agreement can be revoked at any time. Where can I find my equinux ID?

    What is Hash-based Message Authentication Code (HMAC)? - Definition from

    You created your equinux ID account when you purchased a license in our store or activated a retail box: You can find your equinux ID in your application. The equinux ID is printed in the 'About' dialog, where you can find your version information see above. Order number. Interested in our products? If you would prefer not to wait: Send us a message!

    Symbols On Mac

    Please select your product Select your product to view all available manuals and guides for your product. Please select your product. APC Tracker 4. Start Download. Release Date: CoverScout 3. You're a Mac, not a PC?

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      VPN Tracker 8. Show 7 replies. For me, the hash symbol is shift It works fine on my mac but when trying to use it under windows 7 in VM ware fusion it does not.