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Right now, the game comes with more than cards and items, as well as a custom mode option and special relics to further enhance your deck. Despite such a novel concept, it feels familiar in all the right ways. Gone Home is one of those rare games that thrusts the player into an environment and just lets them explore. It begs players to explore and reveal the mysteries of a big empty home with a dark and sad story to tell.

Read our full Gone Home review. Watch your back because several enemies such as zombies or creepers are out to wreak havoc on your character and will even blow up your landscapes. Its pixelated, 8-bit graphics may turn some people away, though the gameplay is enough to please any and all gamers. Kerbal Space Program presents an odd combination of elements.

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Despite the cartoonish graphics and goofy, minion-esque creatures that populate the game, KSP is no joke. Flight simulation has never been so deep, so engaging, or so addicting, and Kerbal provides a playground for both the casual gamer and the serious physicist by balancing serious rocket-building considerations — how many Kerbals must die before you finally reach the moon? You can spend countless hours learning how to build a rocket capable of reaching the moon, however, only to realize the lunar frontier is hardly the final one.

With incredible replay value, KSP is one of the few games that prove both educational and fun. Video game settings, as a whole, are remarkably similar to each other, tending to focus on battlefields and areas of conflict that pit people against each other. Read our full Firewatch review. For players interested in something a little more hardcore, Dota 2 has you covered.

Its predecessor began its life as a mod for Warcraft III , but the sequel has garnered its own following of dedicated MOBA players who play almost nothing else.

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Just be warned that the game will take up most of your free time if you fall down the rabbit hole. The conflict between the Horde and the Alliance in the Warcraft universe has been raging for years, but it has turned into all-out war in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth. With beloved areas destroyed and powerful enemies threatening the entire planet, the stakes have never been higher, and Blizzard pulled out all the stops for the latest expansion.

If you want to get a new character up to the level cap in a hurry, you can even boost one to — just 10 levels away from the maximum. Read our full World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth review. Jonathan Blow, the mastermind behind acclaimed indie game Braid , took his sweet time developing follow-up game The Witness , but it was well worth the wait.

It requires a keen eye and plenty of exploration, but the game never tries to frustrate you solely to make it seem more challenging or difficult. Read our full The Witness review. Since its release Blizzard has remained steadfast in its dedication to listening to its users and updating the game accordingly.

Hack and slash your way through the land of Sanctuary as you fend off various demonic hordes and level up your character. Read our full Diablo III review. Few indie games have been able to make as immediate of an impression as Donut County , a gorgeous puzzle game that puts a stronger emphasis on story than many of its peers. In Donut County , You literally play as a hole — or a raccoon controlling a hole — that sucks up everything, including residents and friends. Carefully choosing which items you want to consume can create new concoctions and solve puzzles.

The best part? Since your account comes with you across platforms, you can even start playing on your phone before coming home and firing up the game on your Mac, instead.

Download Action RPG Games for Windows 7 - Best Software & Apps

Read our full Fortnite review. The conclusion to one of the best tactical role-playing series of all time, The Banner Saga 3 is nothing short of epic. There are four different bosses to battle against, and the fluid system feels wonderful against even the smallest enemies. Fans of Metroid-style games will also find plenty of options for traversal.

With a few different tools at your disposal and the ability to quickly dart around environments to avoid being spotted by security, you truly feel like a ninja, and your relative fragility encourages moving around or behind enemies instead of trying to take them head-on.

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Few games are better for mouse-and-keyboard players than turn-based strategy, and Into the Breach is among the best the genre has ever seen. With the same focus on exploration, story, and character as the original, Deadfire is just as engaging and fun to explore.

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Setting it at sea and adding naval battles or piracy, if you will is the icing on the cake. Upgraded graphics, game mechanics and already announced DLC round out the experience. Pillars of Eternity was designed as a modern take on the classic RPG and it delivered beautifully. Another game going for the classic style with a modern look and play, Divinity: Original Sin, is an open-world RPG that can be best experienced in cooperative multiplayer with friends.

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  5. The game features turn-based combat and the ability to interact with and manipulate the world as you desire. While the game can be challenging at first, it rewards those who stick with it and are willing to explore, experiment and take control of the world they have been given. A multiplayer alternative to our winner, Divinity: Original Sin is our runner-up for best role-playing games for Mac.

    At this point, the only question is, when do we get Divinity: Original Sin 2? And while the look is classic, the tone is modern. Undertale takes place in a world where monsters were locked Underground long ago after losing a war with humans. Your character stumbles through the magic barrier that leads to the monster-filled Underground and must find her way back up top.

    And while you can fight your way to victory, you can also win this game by being kind and sparing your enemies, and the way you play will affect how the game unfolds. Undertale quickly became a fan favorite for its old-fashioned look and unique story and gameplay. And with your interactions having a major effect on how the game plays out, Undertale has excellent replay value.

    Able to run on just about any Mac thanks to its old-school graphics, Undertale is AAA gameplay at a budget. So, if you enjoy retro looking RPGs but with a modern sensibility, Undertale is for you. If you like your RPGs set a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, boy have we got you covered. The sequel to what many consider one of the top computer games of all time, Knights of the Old Republic 2 KOTOR 2 takes place 4, years before the events of Episode I in the movie series.

    Also like the original, the sequel was very late coming to the Mac, following the Windows release by a cool ten years. That said, the game was remastered and brought to modern times by Aspyr in You can now enjoy it with better graphics, sounds and an increased resolution. And despite all those years, it remains, like the original, one of the best sci-fi RPG games you can find. Featuring a great story, interesting characters and pausable real-time combat, KOTOR 2 allows you to join the dark or the light side as you work to rebuild your connection to the Force and find the remaining Jedi after they have been mostly wiped out by the Sith.

    You play as Red, a lounge singer who has had her voice stolen. But you do have a mysterious talking sword that can be outfitted, and re-outfitted, with various abilities as you battle your way through a futuristic city in search of answers. Featuring the same gorgeous hand-drawn style as Bastion and a superior soundtrack that adjusts to the action, Transistor is as much fun to look at and listen to as it is to play. But play you will, and here again, Transistor offers a unique blend of turn-based tactics and strategy planning and fast-paced action execution.

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    Beautiful graphics, fantastic soundtrack, complex and rewarding gameplay and a great story, what else do you need? How about system requirements modest enough so that just about anyone with a Mac can play it?

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    With all that, Transistor was a cinch to make this list. Darkest Dungeon is a roguelike think permadeath game with turn-based combat. But Darkest Dungeon is unique thanks to its Affliction System, where the characters in your party, in addition to suffering damage from enemies, will also suffer increasing levels of stress, paranoia and more as your quest continues, which will impact their ability to assist you in combat. This leads to another fun and different feature, the need to rest and relax in between your battles; go into town, relax and level back up, then head back underground for more battles.

    Featuring a unique 2D hand-drawn style and a gothic atmosphere, Darkest Dungeon is one of the most unique games on this list. And thanks to the 2D graphics, you can put yourself through this almost literal torture on just about any machine from the past several years.

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    Diablo practically defined the classic combat RPG genre. Around since the last millennium specifically , there still are no more fun ways to hack and slash your way to victory. And though we waited 12 years for the third installment, when it came out there was a unanimous agreement that the wait was worth it.

    Set 15 years after the events of the original game, you again lead a party of Rangers in a post-nuclear world, attempting to provide some law and order to a world gone monster crazy. Wasteland 2 also features plenty of violence, a Mature rating, and requires a moderately powerful Mac to run.

    A unique take on either the dungeon crawler and the rhythm game, Crypt of the NecroDancer somehow manages to meld those two genres into a game that is hard but fair, and undeniably fun.