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  1. The Findation Website Could Help You Figure Out Which Shade Of Foundation Is Your Perfect Match
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I am really overwhelmed to see the excitement over pouring on VNA when it comes to Indian beauty blogging. Eventually, it triggers me to contribute more. MUAs have made an unnoticeable difference in my face. Thanks to MAC for giving me a break from cakey make-up.

The Findation Website Could Help You Figure Out Which Shade Of Foundation Is Your Perfect Match

Long-wearing, velvety texture allows skin to breathe. As far as my experience is concerned, I second to whatever the company has claimed. I was really astonished and asked them to help me with the right shade. Before I used this product I made sure that I cleansed my face thoroughly as I wanted to see the real effect of it. So when they tried NC40 on my face, it blended very well and as claimed by MAC it was purely an all-matte finish.

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The texture was very smooth and since I have a dry to normal skin it worked perfectly well for me. When I enquired the same for one of my friends who have got an oily skin MUA told me that it works good with oily skin for the powder is much dry and is capable of absorbing oil effectively.

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But for some reason I totally feel complete only when I use it along with the foundation. It perfectly does the job of a foundation but considering that efficiency achieved when it is used after using a liquid foundation impresses me a lot. One is for the mirror, the second is for the product and the third is for a sponge case.

I have been using this product for three months and it took two months for me to discover that there is a sponge case hidden beneath the product! I was in fact surprised and shocked at the same time.

PINTEREST DUPES TESTED Foundations - Laura Lee

However I have separate brushes for powder application and I hardly used the sponge which came with the product. Not that it is bad but to me powder application is at its best when used with brushes. Coverage — The powder is too soft to touch and you will definitely be astonished seeing how fine the texture is once you apply it on your face.

NC40 - Drugstore Foundation shades : brownbeauty

What I loved about the product is that it absorbs into the pores quickly and gives nothing except full-matte finish. As I had mentioned earlier, my experience post the usage of Studio Fix compact along with Match Master has assisted perfectly well on my face to obtain a full-matte-coverage the whole day hours. When I have to go out for any unplanned meet-ups I simply use a moisturizer, primer and the Powder Plus Foundation.

Trust Me! To people outside it totally looks like I have incorporated my complete morning-make-up routine on my face starting from cleanser to loose powder. Generally the reason I strongly believe in using a liquid foundation before compact is that it blends in completely and keeps the powder application intact for hours. But to answer your question; when I tried using MAC powder alone without the foundation application, I could feel some sense of incompleteness. It did last for me for more than 7 hours , however after a busy day when I checked on my face there were no cakey layers as such but could feel that some places looked pretty dry and I felt that lack of hydration in my face.

This is obviously a dry powder and it is serves its purpose completely but according to me to see the fabulous effects of MAC Studio Fix I strongly suggest you all to use it post a liquid foundation. Faux Freckles - the perfect summer beauty trend. Gwen Stefani shows us how to wear big falsies. More from Beauty. Could this be your new go-to instant tan? How to stay frizz free in the sun.

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How often should you be using a face mask? How often do you really need a haircut? How often should you really wash your hair? Easy sustainable beauty hacks you have to try. Evening Self-care Steps for Sensitive Skin. Do I really need a pedicure this summer? The benefits of getting a facial massage. Do you really need a separate eye cream? Load More. Editor's Pick 5 fashion pieces you need when you hit Victoria Beckham just brought back this extremely handy top. About Beaut. Hi huda please can u tell me the rough weight of the huda foundation including bottle. As I have just received mine today and it is so light like the bottle has hardly got any product in it.

Thanks Hun xxx. I would love to try your foundation can you please help me choose my shade? Is Huda Beauty foundation non comedogenic? My skin is full oily and i use maybelline sun beign but plz help me about which shade i use in huda foundation plz help me. Hey gorgeous! It means that the Fenty is cooler toned than Gingerbread, Gingerbread will be a little warmer. I love this! I wanted to know if you could please do this for your overachiever concealer?

https://ivamgamo.cf Please recommend me the perfect shade in your foundation and concealer shade too please?! Hi huda and the Team, i have always wanted to try your foundation, and i have looked through comparison, I still cant find the right shade, I use Maybelline Sand. She said NC50 not NW50 ….. Chocolate Truffle would be extremely too dark. Yes they were! For your FauxFilter foundation we would recommend Dulce De Leche and for your concealer, for a shade match you would use Graham Cracker or Toast Almond and to brighten we would recommend Sugar Cookie or for a more enhanced brighten we would use Cookie Dough.

Hi Huda and team!! I want to buy the FauxFilter foundation and the Overachiever concelear. However I am having a tough time picking out a shade. Is the match to Nars actually Dulce de Leche? I feel like that looks really dark! Were these foundations all compared side to side? Which shade best matches either? Please help. Hey Huda!! Thanks so much! Mocha shade G might be better for you but then again you might be the shade G Chocolate Mousse. What color would you recommend that has the closest match? I have a yellowish undertone Asian please advise.

Hope you can help me. But not being able to swatch them because stores here in vienna, austria europe do not have them in store.. Would you be so kind and help me out? HEy Huda..