Cant install games on mac

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  1. Your next big Mac update is here. How to download and install MacOS Catalina
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Your next big Mac update is here. How to download and install MacOS Catalina

You can change what language is displayed when you visit Google Play on your computer by changing your Google Accounts settings. Note : Apps are designed for use with supported Android and Chromebook devices and can't be used on Windows or Mac computers.

Digital content will appear in one of the Google Play apps on your device. Depending on the type of content, look in:. If you get a new or second device you can reinstall any apps you bought.

How To Fix App Store Download Errors and Issues

Content is linked to your Google Account. It is not possible to transfer content between accounts on Google Play, even if you own both accounts. You should move it to the Trash. Newer Mac systems include a security setting that can block the installation of apps downloaded from places other than the Mac App Store.

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Do this by adjusting your security settings:. We sign our software with a Developer ID from Apple. With the above setting chosen, you should be able to install our software.

You will see a message warning you that the software has been downloaded from the internet, and asking if you wish to open it. Server Discovery ZombsRoyale.


Note: Remember that Discord only supports macOS Also, if you're running macOS on a machine that wasn't produced by Apple IE, a Hackintosh , you may run into unique issues! Restart your system. Diagnosing Network Issues If reinstalling Discord doesn't do the trick, it's possible your network configuration is preventing our updater from doing its job! If that doesn't do the trick, try renewing your Mac's IP address!